Selecting the right builder

Asking builders the 15 questions below will help you choose the right builder to create your new home and give you confidence in your choice.

These questions will also help you better understand key steps in the building process and the decisions you'll make, in partnership with the builder, to bring your new home to life.

    How many years have you been in business? How many homes have you built?

    Are you licensed (where required) and insured?

    How do you compare yourself to other builders? What are the most important benefits of the homes you build?

    What type of warranty do you offer?

    Can you give me references from prior home buyers? Do you build model homes I can tour? If not, can you help me make an appointment to see a home you built for another customer?

    What are the major energy-saving features of homes you build?

    Do you build only from home plans you supply? Or can I provide my own set of plans?

    What standard features do your homes include? What options and upgrades can I select?

    Who will oversee the construction of my home? Who should I contact with any questions I may have?

    How and when can I make changes or upgrades before and during construction?

    How and when will the final price for my home be determined?

    How often (and when) will I have access to the home during the building process?

    How long will my home take to complete?

    Does the community have a Home Owners Association and/or an Architectural Review Committee? If so, may I get a copy of their rules and the amount of any fees?

    What's your process for inspection at key points of construction, at final walk-through, and to address any matters that need to be corrected or finalized?

There may be other important questions you wish to ask, so feel free to add them. However, experts agree the list above is a great starting point to select the firm to build your new home. Source: New Home Source